FAQ (Windows)

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows

Can windows be installed in the winter?

In as little as a day, we can replace old, drafty windows. To reduce discomfort, during our window installation, only one window is removed at a time.  The new window has been prepped prior to insertion, immediately placed and sealed, minimizing heat loss.

What are common ways windows lose heat?
  1. Radiation. This is the movement of heat as infrared energy passes through glass.
  2. Air Leakage. The passage of heated air through and around cracks and weather stripping.
  3. Conduction. The direct transfer of heat through the window to the outside.
  4. Convection. When air gives up its heat to cooler glass, the cooled air moves to the floor. The movement sucks new warmer air toward the glass that is in turn cooled, and moves to the floor, creating a draft.
What is U-Value or U Factor?

It is the rate of heat transfer that results from a temperature difference across a window or the rate that your window loses heat. The smaller the U-Factor, the less heat transfer between the inside and outside due to a temperature difference. This is especially important during the heating season because of the vast temperature differences inside and outside – especially in Minnesota.

What is R-Value?

It is the resistance a material has to heat transference. The higher the R-Value, the better the insulating capability. 

What is Low E?

It is a coating on the glass that blocks radiation wave lengths, improving the thermal performance of the insulating glass. Reflecting heat from the sun keeps the building cooler in the summer, and reflecting heat back inside keeps it warmer in the winter.

What are Argon filled windows?

Argon is an odorless, colorless gas in the airspace between panels of insulating glass to increase the thermal insulating performance. This can improve the insulating qualities (U-Factor) of the window.

What are Krypton filled windows?

Krypton is an odorless, colorless gas like Argon, but is heavier. It is also more expensive to produce. Krypton-filled windows have a higher U-Factor for better efficiency than Argon-filled windows, but are also more expensive.

What is air infiltration?

It’s the amount of air that leaks into your home from the outside. The lower the air leakage rate on a window means there is less air exchanged between the outside and inside of your window.

What is SHGC, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

A high coefficient (up to 1.00) means high solar heat gain. The smaller the number, the better the window is at preventing solar heat gain. Solar heat gain is the amount of solar radiation that enters your home through a window or door.

What are Clear IG windows?

Two panes of clear insulated glass.

What is the difference between triple pane and double pane windows?

Triple pane windows have a better thermal performance than double pane windows. This helps lower heat and cooling costs. However, triple panes are more expensive and have a considerable amount of weight to them.

What is a retrofit window?

These windows are installed on top of the original window frame. The installation is quick and easy compared to a full-replacement window because the old frame is left in place.

What is a full-replacement window?

Here, the complete window assembly is removed down to the studs. It is a more time intensive process than retrofit, but there are times when there is a necessity to do this; i.e. when you expect to find other damage to the wall studs, etc.

What are reasons to replace my windows?

Comfort – no more drafts.

Reduce condensation.

Safety – better locking systems.

They just look nice.

Resale value – make a good selling point when selling your home.

Transferable Warranties.

Cleaning.  Want easy in cleaning.

Resist fading of carpet and furniture.

Operation: Old hardware is past it’s prime, broken.

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