Frequently Asked Questions about Siding

What is the lifespan of siding?

This depends on the type of siding that you choose.  Some have 50 year warranties. Also depends on whether or not a storm hits your area and again, the type of siding you have.

Does siding require maintenance?

Most siding products today require little or no maintenance with the exception of wood.  But most never need to be painted. In most siding applications, should a panel be compromised it can be easily replaced.  To maintain a fresh appearance it can be lightly pressure washed.

What causes the buckling and sagging I have seen on homes with vinyl siding?

Improper installation.  We are a Mastic Preferred Vinyl Siding installer and we are also certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

What are the most common types of siding?

Vinyl siding is very popular but other types you may want to consider are engineered wood and steel siding.

Is it expensive to replace my vinyl siding?

It depends on what your budget is and what you want to replace it with.  Today, vinyl siding is the most affordable siding. They are much better than the vinyl siding of 30-40 years ago as technology has improved color retention.  There are however, other types of siding like steel or engineered wood that cost more when compared to vinyl siding, but have long lasting benefits.

Can siding be installed over my existing siding?

In some cases, yes.  But we usually recommend a full tear off of the old siding so that we can properly inspect the sheathing and housewrap. Failure to do so could result in problems down the line.

What kind of design options do I have for my siding project?

There are great new color choices and different patterns that can add a splash of “Wow!”  There are shingles with a wood-appearance, trendy board and batten or a scalloped edge you may consider for your gables.  You may also want to consider panelized stone veneers.

Can I make my home more energy efficient with siding?

Yes! Rigid foam insulation can be installed that can add a R2 to R4 which helps with thermal bridging and minimizing drafts.  Also, adding to a vinyl siding installation gives the panel more rigidity.

How can I prepare my home for a siding installation?

Trim back any landscaping foliage that is touching your home. Remove fragile items hanging or on shelves inside your home as screwing and/or nailing can cause vibrations that may disturb these items. Also, plan for a space in your yard or driveway to place a dumpster.

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