FAQ (Flat Roofing)

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Roofing

Can I put a new flat roof on top of the old flat roof?

Usually no. There are many factors that determine if you can put a new roof over an existing flat roof.  One factor is if it is required to remove the old roof by local, state or national building codes. Other considerations are what the condition of the insulation and decking are and also if you have existing water saturation. If there is reason to believe there is water damage to insulation and decking, the old flat roof should be removed to make proper repairs.

Can you install a flat roof on my home or rental property?

Yes!  We do large and small projects using excellent products and proper installation techniques.

What is the best commercial roofing product?

If you have a flat roof, a TPO or EPDM is a good option.  We can show you and make recommendations for the right roof for your given circumstance.

What is TPO?

Introduced in the 1990’s TPO/PVC is a single-ply roofing membrane that chemically bonds ethylene, propylene, and rubber along with other filler materials.  They are available in light gray, white and black. The light gray or white colors are used in flat roofing today because it is cool due to its solar reflective qualities.  When considering a solar panel installation, the TPO/PVC is a great choice because it increases the efficiency of photovoltaic cells. For durability they feature welded seams. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly solution with long term energy savings – this may be the roof for you.

What is EPDM?

EPDM is commonly known as a rubber roof. It has been one of the most common flat roofs one installed since the 1980’s.  Resembling an inner tube, this durable material is engineered to resist sun damage. It is relatively light, yet resistant to scuffs, tears, and leaks.  It is also easy to patch. Available in black or light-reflecting white. Today’s low VOC primers and glues work well and are environmentally safe. Many come with ready-made details like internal and external corners, through-roof pipe flashings, cable, and skylight flashings.  These ready-made details are designed to be bonded to the main sheet for a cohesive installation.  

Can a flat roof be installed in the winter?

Due to the nature of the product and the use of adhesives, primers and cleaners we always revert to the manufacturers’ guidelines on best temperatures to install.  In most cases, these materials should not be allowed to freeze during installation.

Are permits required to install a flat roof?

Yes. We always check with local building inspectors to make sure we are in compliance.

How long does it take to install a new roof?

This depends on the size and scope of your roof.  If there are numerous air conditioning units on the roof or other mechanicals we need to work around.  Also the type of roof you wish to install plays a factor. On our consultation, we can give you a better idea of how long it will take based on your circumstances.

Does a flat roof require maintenance?

Yes. We recommend routine checks with the season changes of the roof membrane, flashing, caulking and sealant to make sure they are functioning properly.  Checking your roof after a big storm or change of season is also recommended.

How does a flat roof drain water?

Your roof is slightly sloped to allow for the natural drain of water.  Small pools may be present after a snow melt or rainstorm but will evaporate.  However, if there are standing pools after several days it is time to call and have your roof assessed to mitigate potential damages.

Can a new roof save on my energy bills?

Yes. Today’s roofs have been engineered to reflect the sun’s rays and are emissive.  An adequate roof assembly with rigid insulation, solar reflection and heat emissive can reduce heating and cooling costs.

If you think it is time to replace your flat roof on your home, business or commercial property, call us today for a consultation and estimate. We replace flat roofs in the greater Twin Cities Metropolitan area and suburbs on homes and commercial businesses.

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