Metal Roof Installation for
Barns, Outbuildings and Sheds

If your barn or outbuilding is in need of a new metal roof you have landed on the right page.

When you are replacing your roof on a barn, outbuilding or shed you want it to last. The benefits of a metal roof are that they are durable, storm resistance, last a long time when compared to an asphalt roof. A steel roof withstands the test of time and is a good investment.

Now it comes down to choosing the right contractor for the job, and we are it. 

There are three choices of steel roofing each with its own look and all with the strength of steel. Unlike a lower-cost asphalt shingle roof, a metal roof is installed as an entire system with unique metal bends and installation techniques. When compared to asphalt roofing installations, metal roofs require a high level of product knowledge and installation skills.  For example, no raw metal edges should be left exposed to the elements because they will rust. This is often overlooked. When it comes to barns and out buildings, having the knowledge and skill is necessary for proper installation.  

This is where our installers shine! With an unwillingness to except ordinary, we take installation to the next level, many times going above and beyond our clients’ expectations.  We think if you are making this kind of investment, skimping on the installation not a good idea. 

Why is the Installation of a metal roof so important?

Proper training of installers is essential. We can not express how important this is.  Installing a metal roof is entirely different from installing an asphalt roof. We have seen cases where the installer did not know how to finish an edge piece, so it was just tucked under another sheet of metal, unsecured.  When the snow slid of the standing seam roof, it grabbed that piece that wasn’t secured and took it with leaving a raw exposed roof with sharp edged metal dangling. This is just one example. You do not want to let an inexperienced installer practice on your roof.

Whether it is a hidden fastener standing seam or exposed fastener steel installation, stone coated steel installation or an enhanced steel installation, our crew are not only experts, but pure craftsmen because of years of experience and an unwillingness to except ordinary. We have experience with the nuances of barns and outbuildings and take care in the proper installation that will last a life time.

We base our reputation on it.

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